2006 Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé
Our first Rosé, made from the same Cabernet Sauvignon as the straight varietal. The fruit was taken to Bianchet winery where Keith Salter worked with us to make this small batch of Rosé. The fruit
2005 Merlot
In previous years we have sold almost all of the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot fruit from the vineyard to Kellybrook in Wonga Park, where Phil Kelly consistently turned it into an excellent wine.
2005 Cabernet Sauvignon
Our best year for this variety, with some 330 cases of wine produced. The fruit was taken to Kellybrook winery where Phil Kelly worked his magic to make this wine for us.
After fermentation and
2005 Cabernet - Merlot
Our best year for both varieties. Most of both the Cabernet and Merlot was made into straight varietal wine, but we reserved enough of each to make a varietal blend.
After fermentation and racking
2005 Shiraz
Our favourite wine. If we had known how much we were going to enjoy this wine we might have planted the entire vineyard to Shiraz. In 2005 we were able to make two barriques worth (There is often
2005 was an unusual vintage following elevated spring rainfall, and a warm, dry summer. Fruit yield was relatively ‘high’ at about 3 tonnes per acre (a good target yield for cool climate viticulture, but this is the highest yield we have ever had). The plentiful sunshine and warmth during the summer and autumn drove sugar levels to unprecedented highs, but did not drive the acid levels down, making this an excellent vintage throughout the Yarra Valley.