Autumn; Vintage
March to May
The sun works its magic in the vine leaves, producing the sugar that ripens the berries. A time of frequent checking for the desired levels of ripeness - sugar levels high enough that the wine will
Winter; time for pruning
June to September
We prune our vines using the vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP) method to control yield and to maximise the amount of sunlight and fresh air available to the leaves during the growing and ripening
Spring; high alert
October- November
Bud-burst: first Merlot, then Shiraz, then Cabernet Sauvignon. The buds which developed at the end of the previous season start to swell, their outside cases open to reveal a soft woolly protective
Summer; ripening
December - February
A period of rapid growth in the vineyard whenever the average daily temperature is above 10°C. The vine canes can grow several centimetres a day in warm weather provided the roots can access water.
Life in the vineyard is entirely seasonal, and how the seasons unfold is a key aspect of the wine’s terroir. The seasons at Yarraine are described a little in these pages.